Schedule a one hour 1 on 1 virtual session with one of our coaches to take aim at any of life’s challenges.

As dads we all tread through the day to day issues of the world that are compounded by financial struggles, dividing our time between work, kids events, family time, healthy activities with our friends, date night and everything else that needs to be balanced in our lives.

Domestic Dad Brand's 1 on 1 Coaching guides you in the process so you can start balancing these issues and more to achieve the most optimal result for you. 

Get the momentum you need to get your life on track. 

A Domestic Dad Coach is:

  • A partner in achieving goals
  • A confidant when exploring choices
  • A motivator towards growth
  • A source of enthusiasm and support
  • A wake up call and a reality sandwich
  • A sounding board to help create a more productive life
  • A referee to help you push the envelope
  • A beacon during stormy times

Once you reach out through our quick submission inquiry below, your coach will reach out to introduce himself.  Each session is 60 minutes and costs $125 per session.  You can also purchase a monthly subscription block of 4 sessions at a 20% discount.


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